200kg/h fried masala beans production line installed in the Philippines

small fried green beans processing line for sale

Fried green peas are popular in many countries because of their rich flavors, bright color, and crisp taste. Especially in Southeast Asian countries and China. Therefore, many food processing plants will consider green bean frying projects and purchasing fried masala beans production line. Our fried green peas production line exported to the Philippines has been installed and used.

Classifications of crispy green pea snacks

Crispy green peas snacks are usually divided into two types, namely fried green peas and coated baked green peas. The processing methods of these two different green bean snacks are very different.

Fried green peas

The processing method of fried green beans is usually relatively simple. The processing flow of the industrial fried green peas production line includes frying, degreasing, seasoning, and packaging.

spicy green peas
spicy green peas

The taste of fried green beans is generally divided into salty and spicy green beans and garlic green beans.

Coated baked green peas

Coated roasted green beans are snacks that do not need to be fried. The processing process mainly includes washing, coating, baking, seasoning, and packaging. Baked coated green beans generally have a simple taste.

coated baked green peas
coated baked green peas

Details of the Philippines fried beans production line

The Filipino customer was originally engaged in vegetable wholesale business. When he had a fund, he planned to open a small food processing factory.

At the end of last year, the customer and his wife learned a lot about food processing machinery when they participated in the exhibition in Guangdong. Of course, they also collected a lot of factory brochures participating in the exhibition, including our factory.

crispy green beans frying line
crispy green beans frying line

After returning to China, the customer and his wife carefully investigated the market and carefully analyzed the food machine catalogs provided by different manufacturers. They were very interested in our fried green peas production line, so they contacted us.

Since we have been in the vegetable business, we can find a reliable supplier of fresh green beans. According to their needs, we recommended to them a deep-fried green peas processing line with a capacity of 300kg/h, which mainly includes a continuous fryer, an automatic de-oiling machine, an octagonal seasoning machine, and a vertical packaging machine.

Later, they seriously considered our green bean frying line quotation and expressed their hope that we would provide a quotation for a small-volume fried green bean production line. We revised the quotation and designed the output of the green bean frying line to 200kg/h. The Filipino customer finally agreed to our production plan.

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