Installation and use method of mesh belt fryer machine

The mesh belt frying machine is special equipment for fried food processing, suitable for large food factories, canteens of enterprises and institutions, etc. This commercial continuous frying device is a frying device using electricity and gas as energy sources. The fryer can set different frying temperature and time according to the fried food. The machine has the advantages of safe use, convenient operation, and high efficiency.

Installation method of the mesh belt frying machine

  1. After the fryer is in place, adjust the feet of the machine so that the equipment is placed horizontally.
  2. It is necessary to connect the gas pipeline of the machine without leakage. Connect the power supply.
  3. The bolts and screws at the joints of various parts of the equipment should be tightly tightened, and there should be no looseness.
  4. Unscrew the fixing nut of the machine, adjust the tensioning shaft, and adjust the conveyor chain of the mesh belt fryer. After the adjustment, tighten the fixing nut.
  5. Adjust the slag removal device of the fryer to make it flexible and suitable for speed, and no jamming.
  6. The lubricating oil level of the conveying reducer and slag reducer should be kept normal.

Correct operation method of mesh belt frying machine

  1. Clean the oil tank and conveyor belt of the fryer, remove foreign objects and dirt, and wipe off the moisture.
  2. Close the oil drain valve and fill the oil tank to the specified oil level. (It is generally flush with the plane of the transmission chain plate).
  3. Turn on the power. Or use the ignition device to ignite the gas, and then open the gas control valves one by one, and adjust the opening degree of the damper according to the combustion situation through the observation hole.
  4. When the oil temperature reaches 160 ° C, start the reducer to start the conveyor belt running (it takes about 10 ~ 15 minutes).
  5. Set the frying time and oil temperature. When the oil temperature rises to the required temperature (determined according to the fried food), put the food to be fried into the input port of the mesh belt fryer machine (the input amount should preferably occupy the total area 50 ~ 60% and put it evenly).
  6. In order to effectively remove suspended particulate impurities in frying oil, inhibit acid value rise, prevent oxidation in order to prolong frying. The service life of oil guarantees the quality of fried food. The user should be equipped with an oil filter.
  7. After the production is completed, the oil filter is started when the oil temperature of the fryer is between 120 ° C and 170C. The filtered oil can be automatically pumped into the oil storage box. After the oil filtration of the oil tank of the frying machine is completed, clean the oil tank, remove the slag removal device, and clean the sediment slots and equipment inside and outside.
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