Guide to the safe use of electric continuous frying machine

In recent years, in domestic and foreign food processing enterprises, the use of continuous frying machines is increasing, and the subsequent safety accidents have also occurred from time to time. Is the accident of using the fryer really just the quality of the frying equipment bad? Actually not. Many accidents are caused by improper use by operators. So how do we use the electric continuous fryer safely and correctly? The fryer manufacturer provides you with detailed instructions for using the fryer here.

Why is the use rate of continuous frying machine high?

The reason why the continuous fryer machine is widely used in the field of food processing is mainly determined by its own advantages. Continuous fryer has the advantages of a high degree of automation, large processing capacity, high output, and good quality of fried products.

The electric fryer is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and the amount of oil injected in each batch is only 150KG ~ 200KG, which can fry a large amount of food for a long time.

This automatic frying machine is also equipped with an automatic oil filling system to ensure the quality of the fried oil. The heat source of the fryer adopts electric heating, and the host adopts a special mesh belt structure, which can be intelligently temperature-controlled, simple to operate and save time and effort.

What are the factors to prevent the safety accident of the continuous frying machine?

1. Oil residue

The oil residue in the fryer is the most likely cause of the fire but the most overlooked cause. Due to factors such as high thermal energy, strong chemical reaction, poor heat dissipation rate, and high concealment, the oil residue is extremely prone to spontaneous combustion, and many companies have learned the lessons of oil residue fire. Therefore, when using the continuous fryer, pay attention to clean up the oil residue generated in the machine in time.

2. Electric heating tube

Many deep fryers do not set the minimum temperature safety setting of the heating tube. Due to a lack of experience, the operator will raise the heating tube immediately after frying for cleaning. It is not known that the temperature of the heating tube is still above 300 degrees Celsius at this time, far exceeding the ignition point of the frying oil, a drop of oil may cause the machine oil tank burns.

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