What kind of onion cutter slicer is suitable for restaurants?

sliced onion rings with the onion cutter

With the development of economy and technology, many restaurants, hotels, and even school canteens have begun to use vegetable processing equipment instead of labor. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of cutting onions, many restaurants have begun to use electric onion cutter slicers to process onion rings, onion cubes, etc. So, what kind of onion cutter is more suitable for restaurants?

Why should a restaurant buy an onion slicer cutter machine?

Many small restaurants usually process onion meals by manually cutting onions. However, for large and medium-sized restaurants, manually cutting onions will be time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient.

automatic onion slicer
automatic onion slicer

Using an electric onion cutter can save labor on the one hand and improve the cutting efficiency of onions, and on the other hand, it can ensure the cutting effect of onions. Onion cutters can cut onions into evenly-sized slices and onion cubes.

Taizy onion cutter machine for sale

Taizy factory is a professional manufacturer of various food processing machinery, not only can provide you with high-quality equipment, but also provide you with free processing solutions. Our factory’s onion slicers are often exported to restaurants at home and abroad.

Our commercial onion cutter slicer is made of 304 stainless steel, which is very resistant to wear and corrosion, so it usually has a long service life. In order to improve the practicability of the machine, we designed four inlets with different diameters to slice different vegetables and fruits.

commercial onion cutter manufacturer and supplier
commercial onion cutter manufacturer and supplier

In addition, the stainless steel cutter head of the onion cutter can be removed. We can cut different shapes by changing to different cutters, such as slices and cubes.

In addition, when slicing onions, we can also adjust the thickness of onion rings by adjusting the blade position. The cutting thickness of the onion slicer can be adjusted between 2mm-8mm.

The root vegetables slicer can not only be used in restaurants to slice various vegetables, but also often used in various food processing plants, such as fried onion ring production lines.

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