Commercial onion rings frying machine shipped to South Africa

onion rings frying machine

Onion rings are a crispy and delicious fried snack, which is very popular among people of all ages. Especially in many economically developed countries, such as the United States, Canada, France, Brazil, South Africa, etc., the fried onion rings often appear on people’s tables. A commercial frying machine is usually used to process onion rings. We recently exported an onion rings frying machine to South Africa.

How to make crispy onion rings in South Africa?

The process of making fried onion rings is relatively simple, so many people choose to make this delicious snack at home. The method of making onion rings in South Africa is as follows:

First, prepare the ingredients. Yellow onions, eggs, low-gluten flour, water, bread crumbs, cooking oil, etc. Then peel the onion and slice it. When cutting the onion, be careful to cut it horizontally so that the onion rings can be cut out. The thickness of onion rings is about 0.5 cm.

fried onion rings snacks
fried onion rings snacks

Separate the chopped onion rings by hand. Then mix low-gluten flour, eggs and water, and stir well. Then first dip the onion ring with a layer of flour, then dip it in the batter, and finally sprinkle with a layer of bread crumbs.

Finally, put the breadcrumbs-wrapped onion rings into a deep fryer machine with an oil temperature of about 160°C for frying. After frying for about 2 minutes, the crispy onion rings are ready.

Why did the South African customer buy an onion ring frying machine?

The South African customer has a small food processing plant that mainly processes various packaged foods and canned foods. In order to add new product categories, he chose to produce various fried foods, such as potato chips, french fries, and onion rings.

onion ring frying machine for shipping to South Africa
onion ring frying machine for shipping to South Africa

The South African customer stated that his factory originally had a large continuous fryer, which was mainly used to produce potato chips. For processing fried onion rings, you can only purchase another frying equipment.

The customer’s potato chip production line is also imported from our company, so he trusts the quality of our products. So he directly contacted our sales manager and asked us to recommend a suitable onion rings frying machine for him.

According to the customer’s output requirements, we quickly provided him with a quotation for the onion ring fryer. Since this customer is our old customer, we also gave away a set of replaceable heating tubes for free.

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