How to make sugar coated peanuts? Coated peanut making machine

sugar-coated peanuts

Coated peanuts are a very common snack on the market, and coated peanuts often come in many flavors, such as sugar-coated peanuts, spicy peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, seaweed peanuts, etc. So, how to use a coated peanut making machine to make sugar-coated peanuts?

What are sugar-coated peanuts?

Sugar-coated peanuts are a crispy snack, usually made from roasted peanuts and sugar. The sugar is heated and melted into a syrup, and then evenly wrapped on the surface of the roasted peanuts. After cooling and solidifying, it is ready to eat. There are many kinds of sugar-coated peanuts, and many kinds of sugar for coating.

How to make sugar-coated peanuts with a coated peanut making machine?

Our factory can manufacture and export all kinds of food processing machines, so we can not only provide sugar-coated peanut processing machines, but also large-scale coated peanut production lines.

all kinds of coated peanuts made by coated peanut making machine
all kinds of coated peanuts made by coated peanut making machine

The coated peanut making machine is a device that can continuously rotate and stir. We need to put the roasted peanuts and syrup into the drum of the machine in a certain proportion. This kind of coated peanut machine is usually produced in batches, and the weight of each batch is determined according to the drum volume of the machine.

Moreover, the volume and output of different types of peanut coating machines are different. The machine rotates continuously. The syrup can be evenly coated on the surface of each peanut. And during the rotation, the syrup will gradually cool and solidify.

Why choose a whole set of coated peanuts production line?

Customers who have purchased a full set of coated peanut production lines from our factory usually have their own food processing plants for mass production of coated peanut snacks of various flavors, and sell these coated peanut snacks wholesale to various supermarkets and retail stores, fast food restaurants, etc.

The complete coated peanut production line includes not only the coated peanut machine, but also the peanut peeling machine, peanut roasting machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine, etc. This kind of industrial coated peanut processing line has high production efficiency and large output, which is the choice of many food processing business investors.

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