How to make crispy onion rings? Fried onion ring making machine for sale

fried onion ring making machine for sale

Crispy fried onion rings usually need to be battered, breadcrumbs-coated, fried, and seasoned. In addition to making fried onion rings at home, we can also buy onion ring snacks produced in large quantities by onion ring processing plants. How does the onion ring snack factory make crisp onion rings? The answer is to use the fried onion ring making machine.

How to make crispy onion rings at home?

Raw materials for making fried onion rings

Several fresh onions, edible oil, some eggs, bread crumbs, seasonings, etc.

Steps for making crispy onion rings at home

  1. Peel and wash the onion first. Then cut the onion horizontally into onion rings of uniform thickness, about 5mm thick.
  2. Prepare the egg liquid. Then dip the sliced ​​onion rings into the egg mixture. Take out the egg liquid and dip it in bread crumbs so that the surface of the onion ring is evenly coated with bread crumbs.
  3. Pour the cooking oil into the pot and heat it up. When the oil temperature is about 160°C, add the breadcrumbs onion rings for frying. In the frying process, pay attention to turning the onion rings to make them evenly heated.
  4. The frying time is about 5 minutes. After frying, remove the fried onion rings to cool, then add seasonings and stir. The seasoned onion rings are ready to eat.

How to make fried onion rings using onion ring making machines at plants?

Large-scale production of fried onion rings in a food processing plant usually requires a full set of onion ring processing equipment. The main function of the onion ring making machines is to finish peeling, slicing, washing, air-drying, battering, flouring, frying, and seasoning onions.

crispy onion ring production line for sale
crispy onion ring production line for sale

Fried onion rings processing plants have great production advantages. On the one hand, the use of machines instead of manual pretreatment of onions, such as peeling, slicing and washing, can reduce tedious labor.

On the other hand, the temperature and frying time of the onion rings during the frying process can be controlled, and the onion rings will not be over-fried, so the taste of the onion rings can be guaranteed.

The commercial onion ring making machines of Taizy factory have been exported to many countries, such as Malaysia, Egypt, the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, and so on. If you are also interested in the onion ring production business, you are very welcome to consult our onion ring making machines.

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