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automatic fried patty production line for sale

The fried patty production line also called the burger patty frying line. The main equipment of the automatic fried patty processing line includes a meat grinder, a stuffings mixing machine, a meat patty forming machine, a flour paste dipping machine, a powder wrapping machine, a frying machine, a deoiling machine, and an air-cooling machine. This fried patty processing line can make all kinds of hamburger patties, fried potato patties, pumpkin patties, fried vegetable patties, etc. in large quantities.

Automatic fried patty production line applications

1. Processable raw materials

Meats: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, shrimp, and other seafood and mixed meats.

Vegetables: potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, yam, or mixed vegetables.

Mixed materials: such as mixed meats, mixed vegetables and the mixture of meat and vegetables.

2. Application fields

The fried burger patty production line can be widely used in various large, medium and small food processing plants for large-scale production.

In addition, the small fried patty production line is a very good investment project, which is very suitable for restaurants, fast food restaurants, chain stores, and food wholesale and retail stores.

Machine list of the burger patty processing line

NO.Equipment Name
1Meat grinder
2Stuffing mixer
3Patty forming machine
4Flour paste dipping machine
5Bread crumbs coating machine
6Frying machine
7Deoiling machine
8Air-cooling machine
semi-automatic fried patty production line
semi-automatic fried patty production line

How to make fried patties with burger patty maker machines?

1. Meat grinding. Use an electric meat grinder to process fresh meat into minced meat for making patties.

2. Meat stuffing mixing and seasoning. Add an appropriate amount of seasoning to the meat filling, and then use the automatic filling mixer to evenly mix the meat filling.

3. Burger patty forming. Add the stir-fried minced meat to the bucket of the patty maker. The meat filling will be continuously filled into the machine’s forming mold by the stirring blade to make a meat patty with a specific shape.

4. Flour paste dipping. After forming the patties, use a batter machine to spray a layer of batter on the surface to increase the viscosity of the patties and facilitate the subsequent coating of bread crumbs.

5. Bread crumbs coating. When the patty after being topped with paste passes through the bread crumbs coating machine, the surface of the patty will evenly pass a layer of golden bread crumbs.

6. Frying. In the automatic fried meat patty production line, we often use a continuous fryer. The frying machine has high working efficiency and a better frying effect. Its heating method is electric heating and gas heating.

7. Fried patties deoiling. After frying, we can use the vibration deoiling machine to quickly remove the oil droplets on the surface of the fried patties.

8. Fast air-cooling. We can use the automatic cooler to quickly cool the fried meat patties, making it convenient for further packaging and centralized processing.

FAQ about the automatic fried patty line

Q: What material is your meatloaf processor made of?

A: The complete set of croquette production line equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, so food hygiene can be guaranteed. If the customer’s investment budget is low, we can also customize the equipment of different materials.

Q: What is the production capacity of the entire fried patty production line?

A: The output of croquette production line is 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, etc. We can customize this production line according to customers’ specific production needs.

Q: In addition to round hamburger patties, what other shapes can you make?

The shape of the patties is mainly determined by the molds of the patty forming machine, therefore, different shapes of the patties can be produced by replacing different molds. We can provide a large number of different shapes of molds, such as round, square, heart, triangle, flower, animal pattern shapes. We can also customize the cutlet shape you need.

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