batch frying machine for chin chin

How much does it cost to buy a batch fryer machine?

The batch fryer is an ideal equipment for processing various fried foods and fried snacks. This kind of commercial food frying equipment is now widely used in restaurants, fast food restaurants, food processing plants, potato chip processing plants and French fries processing plants. So, what is the price of the batch fryer? How many lines do we need to spend to buy a small potato chip fryer?

commercial potato chip frying machine

Commercial potato chips batch fryer machine

A commercial batch fryer is a common equipment for making various fried snacks, especially suitable for making crispy potato chips and fries. There are two main types of batch-type potato chip frying machines in Taizy, one is a frame-type small frying machine, and the other is a large-volume round frying machine. The heating methods of these two potato chip batch fryers can be used for electric heating and gas heating.

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